dear white people;

dear white people;

just as it is not our fault

that we are brown, yellow, black, or anything in between,

it is not your fault that your skin

is a reminder of years

of taking our lives,

taking our worlds,

and making them yours.


just as it is not our fault

that our skin tells policemen that we are ‘trouble’,

civilians that we are ‘danger’,

and society that we are ‘problems’,

it is not your fault that your skin

tells us that you are given much more.


and we get that it’s difficult

to walk the streets knowing that

so much of the world uses your skin

as a window to your soul.

we get that “ugh, white people”

and disgusted eye rolls



believe me, we understand.


you wear a label

just as the rest of us do,

but while ours tells the world

of our “oppression and weakness”,

your “fault” is your strength.


of course, i’m generalizing, but

you can still tell your stories,

and that in itself

is more than the other colours can do.


dear white people;

it’s rough being white.

and brown.

and black.

and yellow.

and anything in between.

we learned this a long time ago.


but when you–

and please can you–

continue to learn,


and do the work?

the power of your skin

can become something that begins

to make a change.

• • •

We pledge to understand our own privilege and to help provide a voice for those who are not given as much as we are. We have noticed on social media that many white people are discredited or invalidated just because they are white, similarly to how society always has treated people of colour differently because of their skin. We pledge to see the humanity in people regardless of their skin colours, as well as to always recognize systematic oppression and other forms of injustice.