because i can;

because i can;

i have decided

to do things

because i can.

i can watch netflix and stay in bed,


but i can also go outside

and listen to music

and stop and smell the flowers.

i can skip rope

or skip class

if today, i will allow myself to take a breath.

i can drink a smoothie,

or perhaps a lemonade.

i can feel rain on my skin

or name a caterpillar.

(their name is wednesday)

i can connect,

and feel beautiful,

and get hurt,

and grow.




i can also fight.

and make mistakes.


i can listen

and see

with my ears and eyes,

but forget to listen

and see

without them.


i can ask for help,

and only get it once or twice,

and i can keep asking

because i’m doing something for me.


i can be tired

and i can be awake.


i can be cheerful

or cry myself to sleep

and that’s okay.


i am letting myself

do things

because i can.