“hesitant to say lucky

because it took pure hard work to get here,”


but you were born in a country

where war was only what John Lennon faced,

and your culture was validated

and your dreams could be chased,

and you were given the opportunity

to not be erased.


and you battled your hardships,

and it wasn’t perfect

but people around you

told you you were worth it.


                   you were strong.


and you did wake up

and you did brush your teeth

and you went to school

and went back to sleep


and this isn’t me saying

that you didn’t work hard,

that you aren’t worth the fame

or that you haven’t come far,


but let’s be honest.


a child like you

in a world like yours.


luck has a lot to do with it.

• • •

We recognize that life is a difficult journey to navigate, but we pledge to recognize that we are privileged and lucky to have a voice, to have access to an education, and to have our survival needs met. We recognize that we, as immigrants, have collectively wronged Indigenous peoples in the past, and we pledge to respect them and their land as much as we know how to. Finally, join us in pledging that we will use our privilege to do something good, whether that is standing up for what we know is right, making somebody else smile, working to become our best selves, or something else.