at the end of the day;

at the end of the day;

she wrote a poem and called it change.

about people who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop our pain.

she wrote about the danger that comes with making things fair,

about how if we’d just dare to stop speaking in ‘ums’ and start ending warfare,

that the number of people lending a hand would become so much less rare.

instead of rendering teenagers into something that impairs, #teenvoices could be trending—

young people making waves, mending barriers, helping, defending.

yet of course, it’s true that people often do think change is too new.

it’s true that our stark reality

(of extinct species, and rising seas, and rising fees; more shut and locked doors than keys)

isn’t something to be pleased about, but please, listen to her, and accept this reality.

as she’s said before, we need more and more:

more voices, more caring, more hope, and more sharing.

this girl might be young, she might not be the same as you,

in fact, she might not even share the same view as you.

but at the end of the day, what really matters?

not who donated the most money, showed the most sympathy,

not who’s the least likely to give in and to boast, to presume and—

no, what matters is that we’re all human.

• • •

To be quite frank, making change is hard. Life happens, there are ups and downs, and we can’t control others. Nevertheless, I’ve learned that we do have some small bit of control over what happens to us as a collective. I’m determined to use that power to the extent that I can, no matter what the danger, the apathy, the naysayers, or the predicted, bleak future. Please join me in this. After all, we’re all human, and all deserve an equitable, just, and healthy world.