Our Own

we took this land

and made it our own.


and i get it.

the food is great,

the water feels nice,

the plastic is there

and we don’t see the ice,


but it is melting.

and the fires are roaring,

and the typhoons are terrorizing

and the floods

drown us.


they drown our hard work,

and the typhoons take our creativity,

and the fires burn the manifestations

of what we have to offer.


we may have something left

after we use it all up

and we may not,

but for right now,

this is our home.


there is mold growing in our cupboards

and our sink is cracked.

the windows are shattered,

and we cannot bring them back.


our pride will not fix the messes we have made.


we took this land

and made it our own,


• • •

We understand that the value of taking care of our planet has been undermined when compared to economic prosperity, but we pledge to love and cherish our planet as much as we can. We pledge to remain aware of the harsh realities of how our planet is doing and the trend it continues to follow, and to encourage others to do the same.