sometimes i question politics.

i mean, it’s hard to comprehend something so invaded by ‘big biz’ and ‘quick fix’,

that turns itself inside out promising, and promising, and promising

‘we’re the best pick’.

apparently not, because it’s been a year, or two, or three, or four

of only reassurance given to those who have real needs.

young people are sick of being pushed aside, of being told that our future is

so promising, so promising, so promising,

but that we still have to be patient, and just wait.

can’t you see that if we wait, our fate is sealed?

we’re suffocating in exhaust, crying tears of oil,

all because change just takes too much toil.

we try to find a place to live,

while it takes your whole term to gain perspective.

the reality is, our time on Earth is running out, and

your time in power is almost up.

still, when we ask for radical change, often the sole response we get is

‘come on, just grow up’.

yet, we persevere.

i am growing up, and learning to see

that cynicism doesn’t help our situation, much less help us agree.

it would be far better to put our potential to the test,

dream up a system much less flawed than the rest.

we want something that will give other options than driving,

than drilling, than killing, so we can start thriving.

we know that we’re promising,

we sure know that you’re promising,

whether or not you’ll keep those promises, we’re not sure,

but our promise will ensure that we will endure.

• • •

We would like to pledge that we will always concentrate our efforts on hope rather than cynicism. On the other hand, we're not sure if that would be possible. Our world has a lot of problems, and the fact that those with power often do not keep their promises to fix them is disheartening, to say the least. At the end of the day, though, we're reminded of the beauty that exists for us to save, in nature, in others, in small moments ... and it's enough to pledge to protect those.