convergent journeys;

convergent ideas;

we published a piece called ‘It Starts With You’,

about how changing the world starts with changing ourselves, but

the more i look back on it, that’s not quite true―

you see, i can safely say that i’ve made some change

yet it’s that which has made me who i am today.

yes, i did things backwards … i mean, what’s new?


the thing is, when i look back on this past year,

i feel like, for the most part, i’m in the same place.

when i look closer, on the other hand,

i have taken steps to conquer my fears―

after all, i’m not there, i’m here, so

i can’t have just stayed where i feel safe.


we talked about having to forgive yourself,

speaking up on your own behalf,

before on others’, and now i can see that

in speaking up for others’, i can better forgive myself―

it’s important to be aware of our world, but we don’t have

to force ourselves into a certain format.


that’s the beauty of this mindset―

we all have different journeys,

different perspectives, and yet,

we’re able to work together, nonetheless,

try to feel what another feels, see what another sees.

and no one is worth more; no one is worth less.

This time last year, we published our first post, called 'An Open Letter to the Present and the Future'. Happy 1st birthday Hopelyfe!

• • •

Our thoughts are with citizens in Maldives, who are experiencing political and judiciary upheaval. We send love, strength and prayers for the inhabitants of the continually targeted areas in Syria, especially within the province of Idlib. We hope that the leaders of the countries involved will begin to think, act and react with kindness, empathy and a sense of justice going forward, and we pledge to do the same. We pledge to be mindful of events occurring, to be grateful for our safety, to share the stories of our fellow humans, and take action wherever we can to prevent further crises from occurring.