Anything is Possible

Children are told that

anything is possible

in the same breath that they are told

that life isn’t fair,

and that they cannot

have everything that they wish for.


It is now up to to us

to choose which mentality we would like

to carry throughout our lives.


It seems that the majority have chosen.


A switch doesn’t flip

at the magical age of eighteen,

with which we are suddenly able to think


no, it is an ability

that we constantly develop.


To invalidate the voices and abilities of minors

and to glorify those of superiors,

is to do society a



Youth are the future;

passionate, aware,

and constantly experiencing the results

of so many broken systems.

We may not have all of the answers,

but we have hope, and the ability

to fight for something better.


We choose to understand

that life isn’t fair;


with the utmost common sense that one can have,


we refuse to accept it.

• • •

We write on Hopelyfe to discuss, analyze, reflect, and think critically. We can only hope that people around the world, and especially those in positions of power, aim to do these things as well. We are cheering on the young people who are currently sparking a change in their country, and to those struggling around the world; we see you. We hear you. We pledge to formulate our own opinions through looking at facts and understanding situations to the best of our abilities, and we encourage others to do work together to do the same.