i don't understand––

i don’t understand

why statements are valued more than questions,

and why money moves are valued more than steps forward,

even if they consist of

steps back.

i don’t understand the immediate disposition

of undermining someone else’s position

because they aren’t the same as you,

and i don’t understand the ability to be openly unkind

even if someone seems backwards or behind,

because that person could be you, too.

i can’t begin to comprehend the conviction that it must take

to pretend you are incapable of making mistakes,

and that everything’s “okay” and really just “fine”.

the reality is that the world is falling out of line

and if that line is sympathy and empathy and compassion,

I guess we’ve never seen any of it in action,

because we pretend we open our minds and open our hearts,

we pretend we know best as we calmly throw darts

at the concepts and people we do not understand,

instead of acting on our potential to expand.

i get it though–it sucks to have to save the day,

and time and time again I wish it wasn’t this way,

but it is.

if we can truly believe in the power of progress,

if we soften our gaze and look into us, not at us,

if we listen and learn, and don’t make up our minds,

saying that everything is “good”, and that everything is “fine”

because the way one sees it is the way we all should––

instead, simply recognizing the beautiful force we all could


i will finally be able to say, rather proudly,

that i had never imagined a world so profoundly

connected, colourful, caring and inspired.

i’ll think back to when they said this was simply how we were wired.

“we weren’t wired to pick left or right,” i’d say,

“and we sure as hell weren’t wired to have only one trying to save the day.

we were put on this earth to unite and pull through

any hardships we’d faced, and to search for the truth.

we are wired to send a current of change through our lives

and into the universe, to watch it all shift before our eyes,

and become stronger, and better––

the best is never stagnant. we were wired to become a masterpiece,

not individual, broken fragments.”

we were wired to become a masterpiece,

not individual, broken fragments.

but maybe that’s just me.