the odds are against us;

the odds are against us;

it’s been nearly two years of near-constant fear,

just under a month since a heartbreaking choice.

we’re two degrees celsius from an ice-free arctic sea, and

on our way to silencing 1.4 million more voices.

each day takes a bravery unbeknownst to before,

every inaction adds to the core of our apathy,

which prevents us from seeing what’s right outside of our doors.

what they don’t understand—everything is connected,

when one group is neglected, another protects it.

a community grieves, but we will never leave.

if we truly believe in the power of each other,

and include everyone in the us, not the other,

showing up can get another elected.

we need to stick together and take care of everyone,

focus rather than fear, discuss not distrust,

share in despair, vote, lift up, and be fair.

hope is resistance when the odds are against us.

the past weeks may have been dismal, and the future’s not bright, but

in spite of it all we’re bonded in hope,

and we’ll fight.

• • •

We’ve been gone for so long that this is only a shout into the void. I hope you can hear it.