a call to action;

a call to action;

why do we keep breaking, decimating, hating?

whether nurture or nature, it's not about fate─your actions, our actions directly impact

future generations who will now never get back to the relative safety of our home today …

lately things we do don’t reflect what we say:

we promise to change, figure it out

but what we've been doing won't deliver us out.

in such close quarters, the brick and the mortar of humanity crumbles …

small actions cause reactions cause fractions turn into infractions suddenly we're in factions going




it's time for you and i to give truth a try:

let's acknowledge the destruction, the utter despair,

start in on construction, build folks up everywhere.

an act of kindness a day, done by six million citizens is

six millions rays of sunshine, just let us in, let us shine.

i couldn't care less about differences, even borders─bonded by kindness there's no need for wardens.

can’t you see the possibilities, the prodigious potential?

for an improved tomorrow there are only a few essentials:

a willingness to learn, to change and to grow;

a desire to listen, to friend or to foe;

an investment into the next generation; an investment into great education;

an empathic mindset, a hope for success;

the perseverance to find our way out of this mess.

i think we can do it─well, i think we should try,

without trying we’ll never say for sure, we can only imply.

if this seems unlikely, stupid or flighty that's simply untrue; we may be small but we're mighty.

what we can accomplish surprises only a few, maybe less than a few if that we includes you.

if this seems like a reiteration, like you've heard it before, let me ask you:

then why is there a thing called war?

everything that i mention has a reason, has meaning, simply because of the need for less gleaming surfaces, bleeding and more digging, more work and more healing.

let's defend dignity, protect and connect, encourage empathy rather than apathy, and the positivity effect!

get involved, initiate dialogue, break through the fog:

shine your unique light onto our collective plight;

there's no need to walk a mile, maybe a better future starts with one smile.