Summer Series: How to Build a Better World (A Manual)

Week 2 - Breaking the Bubble

One of the many things that makes connecting with others seem daunting is the fact that humans tend to get stuck in their comfort zones. We hold on to our beliefs so strongly and passionately that it becomes unfamiliar territory when we are given opportunities to consider ideas which are outside of those beliefs. We begin to fear judgement, or conflict. However, a fixed mindset can be detrimental to the process of connecting with others. It’s important to break the bubble of your familiarity, in order to open your eyes to the millions of perspectives you have yet to encounter.

I personally tend to lean towards a more progressive, liberal mindset, and had previously never tried to understand the opinions of those with more conservative mindsets. I didn’t allow myself to consider that many controversial opinions may have some validity to them. However, all of us only believe in what we let ourselves know to be true; it’s important to acknowledge that everyone, including ourselves, has a unique perspective on life. We do not have the right to shame or judge people for their beliefs, especially when ours may be equally as questionable. In connecting with others, it’s important to have a mindset that seeks to learn more. To constantly live inside of a sheltered world of near-identical views denies us of the numerous opportunities that are in the world for us to experience. No matter how strange some mentalities, or ideas, may seem, it is in our best interest to try to understand them. In this way, we can not only broaden our horizons in terms of the ideas we expose ourselves to, but also our horizons that prevent us from trying new things.

Breaking the bubble that is inevitably surrounding everybody is a difficult thing to master. The fear of not having our approach be reciprocated can diminish any desire to attempt to understand others. However, it’s very easy to underestimate people and their abilities to be empathetic. Persevere, and you will find that there are lots of people out there who are willing to discuss life, beliefs, and truths.

In the end, breaking the bubble is about breaking boundaries like fear, oblivion, and ignorance. It allows you to look beyond your little bubble of knowledge and comfort, and enter the world in its entirety, along with all that it has to offer.