Summer Series: How to Build a Better World (A Manual)

Week 1 - Introduction

It seems fairly obvious that everyone wants a “better world”. However, its definition isn’t quite universal, and it can be extremely difficult to take concrete action in order to achieve such an abstract concept. Over the course of this summer, we’re hoping to break down some of the things that have helped us stay consistently motivated, and present. These concepts have also helped us engage with others, in regards to what we’re doing for the world and as a result, for ourselves. We’ve focused a lot on changing our collective mindset to one that practices hope, empathy and positivity. However, after this switch occurs, connection is the key to a better world. Not only is it indispensable when uniting people, but connection can also act as a doorway to endless possibilities. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to make and preserve these connections, let alone continually develop new ones. Although the definition of a “better world” isn’t always universal, connection is the key towards any of those definitions.

Every week, we will be posting a “step”, or another look at the ways in which we can achieve meaningful connection, in order to really get closer to that better world that we all seem to want. Please keep in mind that while these approaches, tools, and ideas have worked for us or others around us, they are in no way the only, or best approaches towards making change. Nothing is linear, and the ways that people connect are varied, with considerable nuance. This series is provided as a guide, but you have complete freedom to interpret the various pieces however you want, or just throw them out the window and do what you want to get to your goal!

We’d love to discuss with you guys as well! Although these are some of the ideas we have experienced, we’re still seeking connection; the journey never ends, and there’s always more that we can all do to connect with, make change with, and inspire one another. Please email us, contact us through social media, or comment on any of the posts; we look forward to hearing your thoughts!