i know

it’s not easy.

i know

it’s not fun.

but i know

you’re hurting,

and you’re not the only one.

one breath at a time.



you can do this.

it’s okay to feel.

it’s okay not to feel.

it’s okay to know.

it’s okay not to know.

one step at a time.



you can do this.

you are here.

you are now.

one day at a time.

one month.

one year.

just breathe.

i know it’s hard to

be grateful every day,

but you’ll feel better,

even just a little bit,

it will help, please just trust me

when the big things don’t

work out, focus on the now.

i believe in you.

Often our worst enemies are ourselves. I try to combat that by being present, and I'm offering this present to you, in hopes that it might make you feel a bit better, or at least a little less alone.