Redefining Hope

It’s been nearly four months since our first post here, and we’ve been reflecting on where exactly our movement is, and where we want to go from here. On one hand, there’s only so much a few individuals can accomplish, but on the other hand, we have endless ideas, and we care quite a lot about creating an impact. As someone wise once observed: “Everyone’s at different places in the race towards equality.” The same could be said about many things, including the race towards justice, the race towards acceptance, and the race towards truth. In essence, every search towards a better future is a race, though personally and collectively, we’re all in different places within each course. For some of us, it’s a relay; for others, it’s a marathon, and we all have different ideas about what the finish lines look like, and where they lie. With Hopelyfe’s focus having been on changing our collective mindset from one that allows hate, negativity, injustice, fear, and apathy to develop, to one that promotes equality, empathy, love, and positivity, we’ve placed ourselves in a position to be part of the force propelling our world towards the various finish lines. To simply hope is already a massive leap in each race, but it encompasses so much more than just wanting something to happen. Hope is ‘the grounds for believing something good will happen; an expectation that a certain thing will occur'. We believe that a desire to act, so that something will occur, is just as fundamental. Hope isn’t just sitting by, and wishing ourselves towards the end of the course; it’s running in the race, constantly reflecting on how to improve our race strategy, and knowing that with every step, we’re getting closer to the finish line.

Hope is work, it’ll take time, and it often seems lost, but maybe it’s an unstoppable force, just waiting to be discovered.