dear human;

dear human;

never forget that that’s who you are.

you’re only a human.

you don’t have to be, and can’t be, perfect in any way, shape or form.

however, you do have the colossal privilege of simply

being a human in this vast plane of existence.

let’s be honest.

it’s pretty freaking cool.

you’re pretty freaking cool.

we can vouch for that.

we can vouch for you.

no matter what anyone says, you are important.

you have memories, and experiences, and your very own story to tell.

one that is unique, and special.

you have abilities and opportunities that can help you and everyone around you,

flaws that you can learn and grow from; that will only make you better.

water only rises when the sun is out.

but you?

you can rise, even in the midst of the heaviest storms.

you have the potential to be an ostrich if you’d like!  

well, maybe not that. but… you could if you really wanted to?


you have the power to define yourself.

along with your potential, it’s within you.

sure, there’ll be darkness.

pain, hate, anger, sadness.


the trick is to embrace it all.

it’s all a part of being unapologetically human.

and the light comes too.

even if it feels like it never will.

it will.

and when it does?

you’ll realize it never left.

love, trust, beauty.


it’s all there.

sometimes the way might seem unclear, but

be patient, and strong.

and never forget, dear human;

that you’re worth the fight.