Thirsty: Earth Day 2017

Nearly every time I feel thirsty, I feel a guilt unquenchable even by endless amounts of water.

I can’t deal with the fact that I have water, and others don’t.

At a restaurant, the waitress comes around and pours water into my glass every time the glass is half empty. I don’t want more water; I don’t ask for more water; I don’t need more water. Yet, the waitress pours, and pours, and pours. And so I drink.

Every time I drink from a water fountain, and some water escapes to swirl down the drain.

Every time I take a shower and relish the heated water.

Every time I wash dishes and rinse a spoon more than necessary.

Every time I cook and boil water for food, only to get rid of it later.

I just can’t.

To think that someone has to walk great distances to get a drink.

To think that me washing my hair may mean someone will go thirsty in the future.

And yet, I still continue to do these things. I drink and shower, wash dishes and cook.

This is human nature for you. We can take, without realizing when we need to give.

We pretend to be able to control this. We pretend that we’re giving so much of what we have, so many resources, so many aspects of life.

We, as a society, deceive ourselves with a lie that changes so many lives.

We think that we give enough. However, in proportion to what we receive?

We’re giving nothing.

And that is why so many of our fellow beings around the world, still cannot relieve themselves of that insistent, despairing word:


In honour of 2017 Earth Day, we’ve written a post about the global water crisis. Join us as we “broaden, diversify and mobilize”, to partake in Earth Day’s global environmental day, on today, April 22nd. Visit for more information, and to get involved.