It Starts With You

Maybe you’re a teenager who wants to change the world.

Maybe you’re an adult who wants to change the world.

Maybe you’re a child who wants to change the world.

You can, but it starts with you.

Often, as I’ve found commonly amongst others, I get caught in this web of my own life. My homework, my family, my friends; everything surrounding me. That’s all I can think about, all I can worry about, and my perception of the world around me begins to fog up.

There are two worlds around each person on Earth. Firstly, there’s your world. Your world includes your duties, tasks, people, relationships, and happiness. This world is important, but as humans, we tend to get trapped in this world that we’ve made for ourselves. This allows us to have an opportunity to free ourselves using another world; our world. Our world is Earth; all the people, all the countries, all the hardships, all the relationships, all the happiness. Our world may be comprised of seven billion “my worlds”, but it takes an open-minded individual to create a path between their own world, and our shared world. However, this is something that so many people believe they’re unable to do. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’ll take dedication, and hard work, but becoming aware of our world can lead you to many things that are absolutely priceless.

Three months ago, I was an extremely introspective person. I was so, so caught up in my life; family problems, boys, my grades, my future. I was just stuck in this realm of self-deprecation and self-centredness, and I needed a way out. Nothing seemed to work, honestly. My problems were never fixed. I wasn’t beautiful enough, or strong enough, or capable enough to make my life as perfect as possible. I literally used to Google, “how to be perfect” and had hoped to find some substantial, concrete answers. I hated myself, and never, ever thought I was enough. Even if I had achieved something, it never meant much. I lost myself in my world.

My mindset drifted over to thinking about my purpose. I got angry. I was angry at myself for wasting so much time on myself. I realized that I was one life, and that if one life is only caring about itself, what's the purpose of it at all? I was wasting the precious gift of existence on worrying about the precious gift of existence. I realized that I needed to find the true value of who I was, and who I could be.

That’s how I changed, grew, and learned an immense amount; I decided who I was. I learned to love myself, and realized that without patience and gratitude towards my true self, I wouldn’t be able to ever become the person I had wanted to be for so long. I had found my purpose. My problems never left me, but I came to the understanding that my problems were only MY problems. The world’s problems are ALL of our problems, and we need to stop wasting time on one life, and really allow ourselves to live in a world where we can spend the precious gift of our existence on thriving, rather than fretting about it.

So, it undoubtedly starts with you. You. Right there, reading this passage. You’ve made mistakes, and been idiotic many times, but we all have. Every single human on this planet has been a dumbass, I can assure you. Find comfort in the fact that we're all in the same boat here; we're all messed up, crazy, stupid humans. The key to getting out of the slump you’re in, however, is to forgive yourself, embrace yourself, and to genuinely strive find your purpose(s). Every single person is valuable, and every single person has the ability to connect their world with ours. However, to really allow that value to shine through, you need to let go of your own baggage, and the things that you hate about yourself. You are you; there’s nothing wrong with that, but there will always be an opportunity to make yourself and the world greater than ever before; I’m here to tell you to take that opportunity.

Trust me when I say that changing the world starts with changing your world.