One Liners

Although this post is named 'One Liners', not all of the ideas below are only one line. However, they are fairly simple and are just meant to make you think.

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We accept the love we think we deserve. Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Without idealism we would never strive for something better.

No one heals themselves by wounding another.

That's the thing about good vibes; they just vibe through your life and you don't even know that they're there until you choose to feel the vibrations.

Equality isn’t what defines us; it is the ability to be defined however we want.

The opposite of anger is not calmness. It’s empathy. Mehmet Oz

Hope isn’t just sitting by, and wishing ourselves towards the end of the course; it’s running in the race, constantly reflecting on how to improve our race strategy, and knowing that with every step, we’re getting closer to the finish line.

Unless potential is put in motion, it will only ever be potential.

It’s okay to take care of yourself. You’re not disconnecting from other people, you’re connecting with yourself.

We’ve learned from experience that it is as normal to lose hope as it is to find it once again.

• • •

Our thoughts are with those who aren't able to be with loved ones throughout the holidays, as well as those who don't have loved ones to be with. We hope that the leaders and citizens of countries affected will think, act and react with kindness, empathy and a sense of justice. We pledge to do the same when we are affected by events like these. We pledge to be mindful of events occurring, to be grateful for our safety, to share the stories of our fellow humans, and take action wherever we can to prevent further crises from occurring.