Flawed Together

we are so. damn. flawed.


my eyes have been opened to the lies that envelop the world we see. of course, we’ve heard it before; the media lies, society is a hoax, and a picturesque person is a pretend perception. however, it’s different when we truly comprehend that it just doesn’t happen.

we cannot be without blemish.

in fact, i have put my absolute faith in the fact that it is

legitimately impossible to be the spitting image

of what you

‘should be’ or

‘could be’ or

‘would be’

if you would just be more happy,



or great.

everyone has heartache; everyone is tested; everyone feels grief. we question our existence through delving into the depths of who we are, or forcing ourselves to doggy-paddle at the surface.


but it’s okay. because we’re bound together, strung together, tied together, laced together.


flawed together.


we aren’t the same. we fight.

we shoot.

we hate.

we scream.

we kill each other

through ignoring our inevitable connection, and yes, we are alone in more ways than one.


but we fear. we live. we endure. and we hope.

some say our similarities aren’t enough, but they have to be. they will forever be all we have, because whether we’re different through race, gender, dreams, hopes, happiness, determination, or tolerance,


we are human.

we are fragile,

we are a mess,

we are beautiful,

and we will always be


flawed together.