sparks and embers;

sparks and embers;

dear reader,

if you were a fire,

would you be close to burning out?

too little fuel, too much wind,

only charcoal and a few embers left?

it's easy ...

day after day, week after week

month after month, year after year

to get bogged down in all the little things.

to go through the motions

barely holding on,

hardly keeping up.

flickering but never thriving.

maybe even dying.

you forget though, that

embers still glow.

just as the little things can trap you,

keep you sad-smiling, sighing, and

never, ever roaring,

the little things can help you, one at a time

towards tomorrow.

the sound of the rain when you're cozy inside,

or the breeze on your face.

that one laugh you had with someone, or a smile from a stranger.

store these things inside yourself, not as a shield to stop you from feeling,

but as a network of tiny sparks, meant to keep you going.

if a fire's starting to go out, it only takes a tiny flame to start it up again.

you’ll find that if your flame is enough to give you heat,

it will give off enough heat for others.

share your flame,

but don’t let it die down.

save your sparks, remember your embers.

keep burning.

keep burning.