Ugh, my project's due tomorrow and I haven't even started. Sadlyfe...

I tried to kick the ball in Phys Ed. yesterday and all I did was stub my toe. Sadlyfe...

My life is so tragic lol sadlyfe...

Forget the Sadlyfe; embrace the Hopelyfe.

Hopelyfe is a movement, stemming from this blog, that aims to:

  • realistically increase positivity in everyday life; 
  • establish a network of support for people with hope, who want to share their hope with one another;
  • facilitate and encourage the practice of empathy, in order to create social change; 
  • connect and initiate dialogue among people who are interested in sharing their opinions about these elements in a respectful manner; and,
  • demonstrate the difference between "my world" and "our world", while attempting to bridge the divide between that gap.

Some projects that we have taken on, in order to spread the word include:

  • MEASURE U.P., an initiative created to measure and reduce urban poverty;
  • starting a team Hopelyfe on a walk, (facilitated by the Coldest Night of the Year), to raise money for organizations that support people who are homeless, or at-risk of homelessness;
  • knitting scarves for homeless people; 
  • being kind to ourselves, one another, and our world; and,
  • encouraging others to do the same.

Remember, the smallest things can make the biggest differences. 

Hopelyfe was first created by Zainab Sayedain and Naia Lee, who are both passionate about youth's contribution in today's world, as well as simply helping others. They live in Vancouver, BC, where they enjoy playing music, staying active, making art, reading, writing and learning.

Currently pieces are published each Monday, with bonus posts sometimes also being added.

Please note that we are extremely privileged to be able to share our perspectives with the rest of the world, and we hope to do just that, rather than criticize or attack others. These pieces are all written by us, and are used to share only our opinions, unless otherwise overtly stated.