Hopelyfe began as a term we would encourage our friends to use as an alternative to the often heard “sadlyfe”, through which we would often complain about our lives. However, Hopelyfe has grown into something much more important to us, and we now aim to:

  • increase awareness about issues facing local and global communities, but more importantly;

  • increase awareness about the action required to find and implement solutions to these issues;

  • create a platform for a diverse array of youth to share opinions about, discuss, and find solutions to these issues;

  • recognize that we are constantly learning about ourselves and our surroundings, and growing in our beliefs;

  • interact with individuals whom we would not normally have connections to;

  • question widely accepted, and personally accepted ideas and beliefs, without actively preventing societal progress;

  • demonstrate through our mindsets and our actions that we believe in reasoned compassion and hope as forces to create positive change; and,

  • consciously engage as many people as possible in the Hopelyfe goals and mindset.

Our vision is of an equitable, sustainable, and compassionate world, and though we recognize that we are far from achieving this goal, we are determined to continue our efforts to realize it.

Some projects that we have created, and organizations with which we have become involved, as concrete extensions of the Hopelyfe mindset:

  • MEASURE U.P., an initiative created to measure and eliminate urban poverty (pending graduation);

  • volunteering for Kitchen On A Mission;

  • participating in schools’ Youth Feminist Associations;

  • starting a team Hopelyfe on a walk facilitated by the Coldest Night of the Year, in order to raise money for organizations that support people who are homeless, or at-risk of homelessness;

  • joining Marpole Students for Modular Housing; and,

  • attending local marches and engaging in local discussions.

Hopelyfe was first created by Zainab Sayedain and Naia Lee, who are both passionate about youth's contribution in today's world, . They live in Vancouver, BC, where they enjoy playing music, staying active, making art, reading, writing, and learning.

Currently pieces are published whenever the bloggers are able to formulate their ideas into something coherent, and are not withering under schoolwork!

Please note that we are extremely privileged to be able to share our perspectives with the rest of the world, and we hope to do just that, rather than criticize or attack others. These pieces are all written by us, and are used to share only our opinions, unless otherwise overtly stated.